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Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand

It's easy to catch a quick bite to eat in Bangkok – there are food vendors on every other street corner. They sell fresh fruit, freshly-squeezed juices, grilled meats and seafood, noodle dishes like pad thai, omelets, falafels, and more. It's all pretty good, and it's ridiculously cheap.

I sometimes eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the street in Bangkok:



I start with some fresh fruit. A big slab of pineapple, watermelon, or papaya sets you back around $.20.

I then head straight to the noodles. Or, if I'm feeling like western food, I'll go for an omelet – atop rice. Cost: around $.20.

It's always nice to get a bottle of water to carry around too. They cost around $.12.


When I'm walking around the city I like to stretch lunch out over an hour or so. I usually start with some freshly-squeezed orange juice which costs about $.20.

I'll move on to some fruit a little later. A slab of yellow watermelon costs around $.20.

A falafel is a good way to break up the monotony of noodles. I got this sandwich and a banana shake as a "special promotion" for approximately $1.20.


Of course, you can't resist the noodles for long. Pad Thai with egg costs around $.33, and it's delicious.

Walking around Bangkok and eating all day makes you thirsty. At 6.6% alcohol, a large Chang beer is a potent refreshment that sets you back $.92.

For a nightcap, I enjoy a final slab of fruit. Papaya is a nice change of pace. Like all the other fruits, it costs about $.20.


On my trip to Thailand, I learned that street food in Bangkok really is a pleasure. Where else can you get three healthy, tasty meals for less than $4?

Posted on October 25, 2002 10:06 AM


Comments (post your own below)

very cool idea mike with the individual pics and prices. it made me very hungery and very jealous.

Posted by: jb on October 26, 2002 03:31 PM

me want omelet rice too. please send. good to hear you're on the trip of my own dreams. keep in touch!
-jessica zierten

Posted by: jessicazee on October 28, 2002 05:34 PM

I am really enjoying your website. Saw the URL in "This is True". Wish I could do what you are doing but I have a five year old and that keeps me home for now! Thanks for sharing with us!


Posted by: linda on January 24, 2003 11:08 PM

Ah it brings back great memories of the Koh San road, and beer chang. It's great to see someone documenting a fascinating part of the world.
Keep up the good work

Posted by: Mick Plex on January 25, 2003 04:59 PM

I can't get there, too Old, but Mai Pen Rai. Long life, and see the mountain.

Posted by: alex B on February 26, 2003 06:13 PM

That's amazing stuff, looking at the food makes be want to be there, lol! Also I've never tried Yellow watermelon before..

Posted by: Clare on April 6, 2003 08:23 AM

I'm addicted to this page with its colorful photos-YUM! It makes me want to go home to Thailand.

Posted by: Peters on April 10, 2003 01:59 PM

Just got back from Bangkok, what is the street drink that is greenish with leafy bits floating around? Really, it was good, sweetened with cane juice, I think.

Posted by: kelley on April 19, 2003 03:45 PM

Hey, that's reminds my life at Khao San Road at Bangkok! Like the way u took those pix.

Posted by: vigi on April 21, 2003 10:33 AM

Hey Mike, I just had to check this page again! I'm sitting in my apartment enjoying some watermelon and canteloupe I just bought off a street-side vendor, here in Bangkok. Yum.

Posted by: Dan on October 6, 2003 08:05 AM

AHHH...Beer chang!

Posted by: OBLEDUT on October 12, 2003 11:49 PM

all this talk of bangkok makes me want to go back so bad. dude with the apartment there, that used to be me.. I'm jealous, I want to get back into having my beer over ice, and some groovy grilled chicken in a bag with sauce, motorcycle taxis too... fast and efficient...I miss bangkok, I'm going back soon, it's a must.
dig your site mike, take care. matt.

Posted by: matt on October 31, 2003 04:37 PM

where's the beef?

Posted by: strider on August 6, 2004 05:10 AM

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